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Alison MacLaren

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Henry Allen Trust child cancer charity set fundraising target

The Henry Allen Trust has set a challenging fundraising target to create special memories for families battling childhood cancer. The charity … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 4 min read time
  • 39 reads

Finalists announced for this years Women Leaders MK

The finalists have been announced for the Women Leaders MK Awards. A team of dedicated judges have picked the finalists … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 6 min read time
  • 86 reads

Cyclists raise £45,000 in charity bike ride for MK50

Cyclists celebrated MK’s 50th birthday with a gruelling bike ride across the city to raise £45,000 for revolutionary medical research. More than … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 4 min read time
  • 13 reads

Women Leaders’ Elizabeth Sheldon wins national award

One of Milton Keynes’ outstanding women in business has been honoured at the prestigious national CBI First Women awards. Women Leaders winner … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 10 reads

Inspirational new STEM event, MK Innovates, arrives in MK

For Milton Keynes 50th birthday, a festival to celebrate and inspire careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is being held … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 60 reads

Family festival to help children battling cancer

A FESTIVAL for the whole family is the perfect Father's Day treat this Sunday. Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist Bailey McConnell will join city … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 2 min read time
  • 16 reads