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Women of Camphill to mark International Women’s Day

Inspired by incredible women across the globe and of Camphill Community in Milton Keynes, CMKC has launched a series of interviews and insights from … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 2 min read time
  • 9 reads

Camphill to host annual Winter Craft and Food Fayre

In support of a vibrant community and providing adults with learning difficulties a meaningful working life, Camphill Milton Keynes Communities Ltd … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 26 reads

Camphill Communities MK launch crowdfunding campaign

Camphill MK Communities are running a crowdfunding campaign through Spacehive with Our MK to ask the community to pledge funds for two essential … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 2 min read time
  • 25 reads

Camphill Communities MK Launch The T-Shirt Yarn Project

Inspired by recycling, up-cycling and craft, Camphill Communities Milton Keynes has launched their T-shirt Yarn Project. About The … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 38 reads