SNOW is expected to fall across Northamptonshire on Wednesday night as cold air engulfs the county.

Rain will initially move in from the west and bring light showers during the day, but cooler air behind the front will cause rain to fall as sleet and eventually snow as Thursday morning nears.

Preceding the expected snow will be day time highs of five degrees and lows of one, as the Met Office issue yellow warnings for snow between the hours of 8pm on Wednesday and 10am Thursday.

Yellow warnings issues are to inform the public that they should be aware, while more severe warnings, amber and red, are to urge preparations for the former and taking action with the latter.

Any lying snow will cause initial travel disruption however Thursday onwards will see temperatures rise once more, with highs of seven on Friday and 11 by the time we reach Saturday, bringing with it drier conditions but little in the way of sunshine.

In the meantime there is a mild risk of a light ground-frost tonight, with cloud building from the west keeping temperatures well above freezing at two degrees, eclipsing figures of last night which fell to a biting -5.

Updates will be issued in due course as the threat of several centimetres of snow approaches Northamptonshire.