The 1975 have dropped their brand new album I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it and it’s a genius mix of a mammoth 17 tracks.

It could have very easily have been released in the 80s and not seemed out of place especially with lead single Love Me reminiscent of David Bowie, which follows in from the self-titled opening song.

The Manchester pop band then move into Ugh which describes lead singer Matt Healy’s addiction to cocaine and is an incredibly funky, disco track bound to have you dancing.

A Change Of Heart is an enjoyable ballad which reflects on hits from the band’s first album with the lyrics ‘You used to have a face straight out of a magazine’ throwing back to Robbers, ‘I never found love in the city’ citing The City, ‘You played a part, ‘this is how it starts'” quoting Sex and ‘I wasn’t told you’d be this cold’ a comment on Settle Down.

The same song also references how Healy came up with the name The 1975, as he sings ‘I’ll quote “On The Road” like a twat’ which was the name of a Jack Kerouac book.

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images Entertainment

Adam Hann’s guitar performance in She’s American is a joy to listen to with the added sax and funk bass beautifully fitting with Healy’s singing.

If I Believe You is an odd move into the more gospel side of The 1975 and while you might expect an outpouring of love for God, it’s quite the opposite.

And then we move onto the song fans seemed excited to here the lyrics to, but if that’s what you were hoping for from Please Be Naked you’ll be disappointed as it’s just an instrumental, a brilliantly put together one, though.

Lostmyhead and The Ballad Of Me And My Brain are excellent mid-album additions and some of the standout moments, with the latter showing off Healy’s incredible raspy voice as he gives listeners an insight into fame.

Next up is Somebody Else which had already been heard by fans when the band played it live last year, and the highly anticipated studio version doesn’t disappoint. It’s a stunning ballad with snappy beats.

Loving Someone, which is partially rapped, and the track named after the album, which is largely instrumental, follow which are probably not going to be hits, but they are definitely worthy contributions to I like it when you sleep.

The third single from the album The Sound is the most upbeat and catchy track with a synth backing, while This Must Be My Dream includes a sax solo and Paris is a another interesting, yet depressing listen.

But it’s not quite as sad as the penultimate song Nana which tragically recalls Healy’s struggles to deal with his grandmother’s passing. If this one doesn’t get your emotions going, then nothing will. It’s beautiful.

And it doesn’t get anymore upbeat for the closing track She Lays Down which is an entirely acoustic effort which is an appropriate close to the album.

I like it when you sleep pretty much has a song from everybody, it covers pop, rock, RnB, groove, disco, funk, acoustic, and plenty more.

While the array of different songs could put some people off, it’s a sensational album which is definitely worth a listen as there’s bound to be a few tracks you like from the Manchester boys.


You can preorder I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it from The 1975’s website. It is released on Friday 26 February.