An 18-year-old man from Milton Keynes has been sentenced to 27 months’ imprisonment for intent to supply class A drugs.

Dino Hamza, of Farringdon Street, Monkston Park, was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on Tuesday (19/4), after he pleaded guilty to two counts of possession with intent to supply Class A drugs (one heroin and one cocaine).

Image of Dino Hamza

Hamza was charged on February 19th. This followed police officers attended a call to a house in Farringdon Street, Monkston Park, at around 2.50am on 19 February 2016, whereupon officers found Hamza in possession of 20 wraps of Class A Drugs (11 Heroin, 9 Cocaine).

When he was arrested and taken into custody, a further 54 wraps (31 Heroin and 43 cocaine) were found on Hamza. All of the discovered drugs were seized and destroyed.

DC Alana Heaver of Local CID, based at Milton Keynes, said: “I am very pleased that a drug dealer has been taken off the streets of Milton Keynes and the drugs that he intended to deal have been destroyed.

“We will not tolerate drug dealing in Milton Keynes and those who attempt to do it will be dealt with robustly. “