Tory MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart are both expected to increase their majorities in Milton Keynes at the 2017 General Election.

Prediction website Electoral Calculus suggests Mr Lancaster (MK North) would see his share of the vote rise to 53.8 per cent from 47.2 per cent with Labour dropping to 22.8 per cent.

UKIP would follow on 9.5 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats, 9 per cent, Green Party, 4.2 per cent, and other parties, 0.7 per cent, rounding it off.

And it’s a similar story in MK South with Mr Stewart expected to increase his share of the vote from 46.8 per cent to 53.6 per cent.

Again Labour would drop, this time to 24.6 per cent, with 10.6 per cent voting UKIP, 6.8 per cent for the Lib Dems, 3.6 per cent the Greens and 0.9 per cent for other parties.

Nationally the website predicts a huge Conservative win with a majority of 134 seats in the House of Commons taking 44.2 per cent of the vote.

In this scenario Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour would lose 62 seats, with Theresa May gaining 61 and gaining even more power to push through a hard Brexit.

Surprisingly, although the Lib Dems would get an increased percentage they would still only have nine MPs, despite suggestions their anti-Brexit stance could see Tim Farron lead a revival.

Of course, most parties other than the Tories are yet to select a candidate for the snap election so they could change people’s minds, plus pollsters were notoriously some way off when predicting the 2015 vote.