Milton Keynes Council and Anglian Water have launched a campaign to encourage people in the city. The campaign is encouraged to help raise awareness of water shortages. As part of it, all MK schools are being offered the opportunity to get involved in this important issue through the launch of the ‘POWER – Project Digital Social Platform (DSP)’. Despite the increase in flooding reports across the UK, the amount of rainfall has actually fallen in the last few years. Rainwater provides around 60% of the water supply so low rainfall creates a real problem in the amount of water available. The launch of the project is Phase 1 of one that will offer information and support for teachers and pupils of all age groups focussing on issues such as water supply, quality and efficiency. Information, suggestions and ideas from this campaign will be used alongside feedback from other areas across Europe to create an interactive platform on a wide range of water issues. The education sessions will be held to especially benefit co-ordinators of Science, Geography, PHSE and Eco schools. A session for Primary School Teachers is to be held on November 28th at Anglian Water’s Leighton Linslade Education Centre between 4.30pm and 6.00pm, while a further session for secondary school teachers is to follow on November 29th at the Anglian Water’s Leighton Linslade Education Centre from 4.30pm to 6.00pm.

Those who want to book a place please email [email protected] Alternatively, more information via the POWER project email [email protected], or by visiting and