Red Bull saw their two drivers finish in the top 6 in the Brazilian Grand Prix, but neither driver was able to pick up a podium.

In the season’s penultimate race, Max Verstappen came 5th after he was unable to overtake Kimi Raikkonen before Lewis Hamilton overtook him. Meanwhile, Daniel Ricciardo came 6th, having started from 14th and ended up last following a first lap collision.

Speaking after the race, Verstappen said they did the best they could manage on a difficult track.

He said, “In general this is not a track that suits our car and together with the power deficit on the straights it is very hard for us. You then try and catch up on the corners, but you ask too much of the tyres and get more drop-off.

“Of course I hoped for more in the race but it was a difficult situation, but I think we maximised the result and that was fifth. I didn’t want to drive the last ten or 15 laps with difficult tyres and at the end of the day I wasn’t going to lose a position, so we decided to make a second pit stop. From there on the race was gone but I pushed for the fastest lap, I didn’t get it in Mexico, so I’m really pleased to take it here.”

Meanwhile, Ricciardo was also able to voice delight after being able to return a top 6 points haul after a weekend that had begun in a difficult manner.

He said, “The start was not ideal. It was quite tight and I saw a space on the outside so I tried to get as much room as I could but I knew there were two cars on the inside so there was always a risk they would have contact and then come into me. I think that’s what happened but I don’t regret trying.

“The start is an opportunity to make up a big chunk of positions and as I was nearly at the back I had to try something. Fortunately the car didn’t suffer any damage.

“Every time I was catching a car I passed it as soon as I could and there were some good fights. In the end, a comfortable sixth. It was nice to see the chequered flag and I felt I got the maximum out of it today.”