Weather and police warnings are in force for Milton Keynes after snow hit the local region.

The warnings come as the UK was hit by persistent snow. Although MK and the surrounding area have not received the red warnings issued by the Met Office for other parts of the country, the city has still been hit by the conditions.

Snow has fallen for most of the day (01/03), with further snow anticipated overnight and during tomorrow (02/03) as two different weather fronts bringing snow and colder weather affect the UK. With additional snow forecast in the next few days, the Met Office have issued yellow warnings for ice and snow that will last until the end of Saturday. (03/03)

Meanwhile, the police have issued their own warnings. They have urged motorists to only travel if necessary, and for people that are travelling to allow additional time for their journey.

Schools have also been closed in Milton Keynes during the day due to the adverse weather conditions. Any future closures will be highlighted by MK Council on their official website.

Heavy congestion has been reported on the local roads in the MK area. There have also been delays on the West Coast Main Line through Milton Keynes, with the weather affecting services on long-distance routes. On top of this, there have also been further delays caused by overheard wire and signalling issues either side of Milton Keynes Central.