Millions of people in the UK commute to work every day, going by train, bus, car, and bike in order to get to the office. According to a survey of more than 4,000 workers conducted by totaljobs’ Commuter Calculator, the average UK worker spends more than a year commuting to work during their lifetime.

As many commuters in Milton Keynes and elsewhere in the UK will recognise, the journey to work can be incredibly tedious. You’ll sit there for an hour or two, staring out of windows, making idle chit-chat with the other commuter sitting next to you and generally just being bored. But why don’t we strive for more than that? How do we make the commute to work a lot more fun?

Read a Book

Leah Kelley / Pexels

These days, reading a book on the way to work no longer means lugging a full trunk of novels with you alongside your briefcase or backpack. There is now a variety of e-book readers such as the Amazon Kindle Oasis and the Kobo Aura One which come at varying price points and have long battery lives, ideal no matter your budget or how long your commute to work is. Reading on the way to work can set you up for a positive workday. It can get your imagination going and with it your creativity and your ability to solve problems throughout the workday. Reading also helps you to learn more words, allowing you to communicate more effectively with your coworkers whether talking to them in person or in an email.

Play a Game

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When you’re on the way to work, the main thing you’re probably thinking about is the work that you’ll be doing throughout the way. So, with that in mind, why not play a game? The ideal game for a commuter is a title that engages your brain and poses a challenge. On the mobile game front, there are games like Threes!, where you match tiles to rack up a big score and can help you to work on your problem-solving. The various slot games, roulette wheels and blackjack titles offered at the Betsafe online casino are also sure to take your mind off of work with their bright colours, splashy graphics and interesting themes such as the mysterious Coins of Egypt. They’re available for tablets, laptops and mobiles. Finally, for a more classic gaming experience, you could grab a pen and paper and play a few tables of Sudoku!

Listen to Music

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Just like reading books, listening to music no longer means carrying around a full stack of CDs or tapes for your Walkman. Streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music allow you to stream thousands upon thousands of songs to your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll be able to find soothing and relaxing tracks that set your mind at ease before the busy work day and receive playlists full of recommendations, so your commute may even introduce you to your new favourite artist.

The commute is often incredibly boring, but with the help of technology, it doesn’t have to be. Spice up your commute and set your work day off right with the tips above.