MK Dons manager Paul Tisdale voiced his delight that the team bounced back from a winless run by thrashing Cambridge.

After three games without a win over Christmas, Tisdale’s side responded emphatically, by beating Cambridge 6-0. The Dons manager told the media of his delight after the match, saying the team did well to deliver a performance true to how he wants to see his team play.

He said, “We needed it. We’ve had a tough couple of weeks and it set off the New Year really nicely.

“We want to see us, win lose or draw. We didn’t get that at Cheltenham but we did see it at Northampton, I thought, and we saw it again today. The performance got the result and a resounding one. Whatever happens, we have to play the way we do.

“We did concede chances today and they came close to scoring, but it was an attacking performance and I’m so pleased of everyone.”

Tisdale added that the team weren’t faultless, but felt the euphoria of the goal really helped the team relax and provided a great present for their supporters.

He said, “We weren’t faultless today by any means, and there’s an argument in saying we played better at Northampton. But its about the result. Some days it goes your way and you make the most of it. They hit the post before half-time with a little reminder of what could happen and they did it again straight after half-time.

“I looked at the players midway through the first half and they looked tired. But what a difference scoring goals makes. It takes the stress off and cheers you up. Its not going to happen every week but we’ll make the most of it and I’m so pleased for the supporters.”

The opening of the January transfer window also coincided with the final scheduled game of Rhys Healey’s loan spell at the club from Cardiff, with the striker bagging a brace. Tisdale revealed he has repeatedly asked the Premier League side if they can retain his services, but are yet to know an answer.

He said, “I keep asking if we can keep him but we haven’t had a yes or a no yet from Cardiff. Football changes day by day and we’d love to get him back. Before I look elsewhere, I’m looking to get him back, but he’s Cardiff’s player and they’ll make a decision.

“I’ve been asking for six or seven weeks and they know we’d like to keep him, but he’s their player.”

As for Chuks Aneke, Tisdale also refused to guarantee the attacker will remain at the club at the end of January, but insisted he would like to retain his services.

He said, “I can’t because there is speculation and ultimately it will be about other people’s involvement. Its a different dynamic to August because then, there was a year ahead whereas now its only 3-4 months to the end of the season.

“I’d like to think he’ll still be here and I’ve heard nothing that tells me anything different, but January is a long month and it changes quickly.”