As arctic winds sweep across the UK, temperatures could drop as low as -3 in Buckinghamshire, which could potentially make driving conditions particularly hazardous.

Snow and ice can drastically affect how a car handles and grips to the road and reduced visibility can increase the chances of an accident.

Rob Clark, founder of Scuff N Scratch Solutions has revealed his top tips for driving safely in the snow and ice, so you can still get about whatever the weather.

First step is to prepare. If you do have to venture out in hazardous conditions pack a bag of supplies that’ll help you out in tricky situations, including a shovel, warm blanket, ice scraper and some grit.

Check your tyre tread depths too and make sure you have at least 3mm of tread on them, more if possible, to cope with the slippery conditions.

Secondly, keep your distance. When driving in the snow and ice it takes a lot longer to come to a stop – ten times as long on an icy road compared to a dry one.

A good general rule is to be 20 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you; if they suddenly stop you can too in good time.

The next step is to be smooth. Adjust your driving style to avoid any sudden applications of the accelerator, breaks or steering; everything becomes much more sensitive in the snow and ice.

Abrupt changes will cause tyres to lose the little grip they have and could lead to wheel spin or skidding. Try using second gear to gain grip when pulling away.

Step four is to avoid the slip n slide. Basically, if you do find yourself sliding – avoid the breaks!

This will only prolong the skid. It is best to take your foot off the accelerator to allow the speed to drop by itself and straighten the steering for a moment to allow the tyres to regain grip.

The final step suggested is to see and be seen. Give your car plenty of time to warm up before setting off and clear any snow or ice from your windows and lights – not doing so can be seen as a traffic offence by the police.

When driving ensure your headlights are on so other cars will see you in good time. Remember, you mustn’t use your fog lamps unless the visibility is very poor as these will dazzle other road users.

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