In an effort to mark their 40th anniversary, the famous reggae stars – UB40 – have finally come back from a five-year break with a massive tour that will be followed by a new studio album ‘For the Many’ making it a double celebration; the anniversary and the new album.

The tour is also named – For the Many – and aims to address the many people as the name implies. The show at the Milton Keynes Arena MK is scheduled at 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM BST on May 10, 2019, it will be definitely a great treat for the music lovers, especially for the fans.

Nothing can compare to this old and well-loved band as they bring out their entire prowess in a tour and an album that has taken the combined effort of the founder band members, as well as longtime members.

Somehow, the album has turned out to be a huge endeavour, and as such along with it there will be two more versions, a collaboration version where guest artists from all over the world will be featured, as well as a dub version.

To promote the album, this tour has been scheduled, and it has the same name, taken from the Labour Party slogan, and that is not a coincidence, but the band is showing its support for Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party.

1970s style reggae is the main style of the album and it is also the original style of the UB40. So, they are going back to their roots – starting the celebrations in their home town at the Arena Birmingham and using their 70s style of music. It will be a combo of a Christmas party as well as their 40s celebration on the last Friday before Christmas.

The tour and the album are a mixture of both political and love songs, and will also comprise some of the classics that the band is known for such as – Sing Our own Song, Food for Thought, I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You, One In Ten, Don’t Break My Heart, Red, Red Wine – to mention just a few. The album will comprise work that is all unique and has been written and sung to reflect the UB40 as they have always been and as they want to be seen now, and it is this work and more that we will see on the tour.

Of course, the tour which is massive will help launch the album which comes much later. The tour began in March and go on till the end of May and there will be a live show almost daily – 40 dates to be exact!

Tickets are out for sale for those interested and it is rather interesting to note that these events are all 14+ events which go to say that families could attend together – parents can take their kids along for the shows. You can search here to find out cheap UB40 tickets without service fees to ensure that you buy them at the best price available.

So, it would be great fun for fans to see what their favourite UB40 British band has to show them, and they have never let them down.

We can’t wait to see what they have for us especially since all band members are back together even those who had been out of the band for a while.

Go and see the latest they have in any of their tour shows that will span all the UK.