The Labour Party in Milton Keynes seems to be following in the footsteps of their hard-left leader by promising ridiculous policies in exchange for young people’s votes.

As part of their manifesto ahead of the local elections in MK on May 2nd, council leader Pete Marland has announced Labour are looking into offering free bus travel for anybody under 30.

They use the environment as the reason for this policy, although it should be fairly clear to see it’s a vote buying tactic with a policy that should never happen.

It follows the trend of Jeremy Corbyn who was actually planning on free bus passes for under 25s (MK Labour have somehow out-Corbyned Corbyn) and before the 2017 General Election he wanted to get rid of university tuition fees altogether and even suggested he might wipe current student debt.

Now, while the environment is obviously a very, very important topic, and to be fair this council has made a lot of progress with their green policies, this idea will in no way help the environment.

Anybody under 30 who currently uses a car to get around will not start suddenly using a bus just because it’s free. For a start the bus service in Milton Keynes is pretty dire – they don’t run regularly enough and they turn up late.

Would you bother waiting around for a bus which might not turn up, or you might miss because it turned up early, or you might have to spend half-an-hour waiting for when you could just jump in your car? No.

Would you bother sitting on a bus for 40 minutes to get to the city centre when you could drive it in 10? No.

The only benefit for car drivers would be not having to pay the council’s silly parking fees at the shopping centre (but that’s for another article) and being able to have a drink or two, but even then you’d get a cab or walk.

This policy will only benefit the group of under 30s who currently use a bus.

So, yes it’s great news for those people, but not for tax payers who have just seen their council tax increase by the maximum amount yet again under this current Labour administration.

And how much longer can they claim they have to increase council tax because of government cuts when they’re going around offering free handouts using our money, rather than focusing on more important things? Maybe tax people less and they won’t need free bus travel.

Either the people in the Labour Party who came up with this idea are incompetent, or they’re incredibly dangerous with their ridiculous promises to buy votes from young people. There’s always a worry, though, that it could be both. Just like Mr Corbyn.