A group of redundant filing cabinets have been given a new lease of life in Milton Keynes as the centrepiece for flowering street art.

The project has been created by Bob Stones, Project Manager at MyMiltonKeynes. He had the idea of turning them into flowering pieces of street art, which has been placed all over Central Milton Keynes.

The process has seen them sanded down, given a fresh lick of paint and planted the drawers with over 100 summer flowers, with the goal of bringing a little bit of quirky colour to the central reservations of CMK.

The project has been unveiled week as part of the avant garde style that has been previously explored in numerous previous installations in Milton Keynes. They can be seen front and centre on Midsummer Boulevard as a centrepiece where some rather unusual pieces of office furniture have come into full bloom.

The project is not stopping there, as the team have other plans afoot to inject colour into the city centre at the other end of Midsummer Boulevard.

If your business has some filing cabinets looking for a new lease of life, you can contribute by getting in touch with the team and potentially making a donation in order to bring come colour to the outside of your building.

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