MK Council has set up a Local Support Service which is providing a vital lifeline to vulnerable MK residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

The service is there for people who have registered with Government as ‘extremely vulnerable’ and who need extra help, and for other residents who are self-isolating and do not have family, friends or neighbours to support them. Most of these people have been self-isolating for more than three weeks without being able to collect food and medicine.

The council’s Local Support Service has already made calls to over 900 people, delivered more than 150 food parcels and 150 prescriptions. 

Staffing the service for the council are employees whose usual work has been disrupted by the pandemic, including librarians, community safety officers and the family support team. 

The team takes calls Monday to Friday between 9am and 5:15pm on 01908 252398, and makes deliveries each day including evenings and weekends. The council stresses this is a lifeline for people who have no other support to turn to, and asks people who do have friends and neighbours to keep the helpline free for isolated people in need.

Local 89 year old resident Reg received a parcel of essentials this week, saying, “My wife is in a wheelchair and is disabled. We cannot leave the house and I won’t do anything to put her at risk. Without this incredible service, we wouldn’t have our essentials like milk and bread. 

“It’s unbelievable what the council is doing for people like us and I want to thank everyone who is involved.”

Viv, who usually works in a local library, said, “I’ve been calling isolated residents to make sure they’re okay, and I’ve been delivering prescriptions too. I’m often the only contact some people have had all day, and it’s quite empowering to know I’m making a real difference to someone’s life.”

Leader of the Council Pete Marland said, “Our Local Support Service provides a safety net for our most vulnerable residents who have nobody else to turn to. I’d like to thank council colleagues who are checking in on local people to make sure they get the help they desperately need.”