Silverstone circuit remains hopeful it can host F1 events in 2020 despite the recently announced quarantine measures for arrivals to the UK.

Stuart Pringle, the managing director of Silverstone, made his comments to Sky Sports in the week when the UK government announced it was introducing 14 day isolation measures for arrivals from outside the country.

The initial measures did not include either athletes or people involved in helping sports operations run as professions exempt from quarantine measures.

Pringle however said he was optimistic a solution to allow races to happen, both in the UK and beyond, given that 7 of the sport’s 10 teams have factories in the UK.

In his interview, Pringle said, “It’s a very complex sport to get going because it’s a global championship with a huge logistical tail. So Formula 1 does need to know that it can set off on its global travel and be able to come in and out of its home base.

“I am very clear that the importance of the industry is understood by government. I remain very optimistic that they will find a way. I’m very, very conscious that it’s extremely complicated drafting these things and working up against ever-moving deadlines – it’s not a task I’d wish to undertake.

“So I remain optimistic that a sensible and pragmatic solution, which puts the onus on the sport quite rightly to come up with the right solution, can be found.”

The British Grand Prix had originally been planned to take place on July 19th. A deal had been agreed between Formula 1 and Silverstone for two events to take place at the circuit this summer without fans attending, although this has been put in doubt due to the quarantine restrictions.

Other circuits have been suggested as possibilities to step in if necessary, with Hockenheim in Germany being among those most vocal that they would be willing to stand-in.

F1 is yet to unveil its proposed new calendar after it was forced to cancel or reschedule the originally planned first 10 races, although one is expected in early June.

The sport intends to start with back-to-back races in Austria at the start of July. It also intends to use a “biosphere” environment, including charter flights and testing, to be able to conduct racing and global travel safely.

When asked about how long it would take until confirmed dates could be announced, Pringle said, “I’m not clear on dates, at the moment. It really is dependent on whether the championship can get started. We have a good deal of flexibility here at Silverstone so we can accommodate later dates in August if required, possibly even into September conceptually.

“But it’s not so much about what we can accommodate, or how long it will take us to stand up – and the answer to that is pretty quick because we’ve got all the infrastructure here – but it’s can the championship piece together a calendar that allows them to go from country to country?

“Can they comply with the regulations in those countries in place at the time? And can they have the confidence to commit to that in a timescale that allows the freighting plan to come together because it’s the logistics that are the key to getting this championship underway.”