The leader of Milton Keynes Council has urged extra vigilance after a local rise in covid-19 cases in the city area.

Council Leader Pete Marland made the statement after 24 covid-positive tests were recorded in Milton Keynes in the last two weeks (25 July-7 August), compared to 11 in the preceding fortnight.

While the numbers remain relatively compared to the peak, the council leader was still moved to urge local vigilance in a statement and called it essential to avoid the adoption of extra restrictions being imposesd.

Council Leader Cllr Pete Marland said, “Everyone has a part to play to help MK control COVID-19. It is essential that to avoid further increases in cases and reduce the risk of any further local restrictions that we all follow control measures and social distancing, stay 2m apart from others, wash hands regularly and wear a face covering indoors in public places.

“It is also vital that you stay home and get tested if you have symptoms. If you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace and advised to stay at home, you must follow this instruction. We will deal with any outbreak and have the resources in place to do so.”

Throughout the crisis, Milton Keynes Council has urged people not to be complacent. It has asked for people to keep adhering to social distancing rules and to maintain good hygiene, including thorough and regular hand washing.

In addition, the council have recently rolled out the Help MK Control COVID-19 campaign in parks and green spaces, on high streets, at schools, bus shelters and council vehicles to highlight the precautions everyone should take.

Last week, Milton Keynes Director of Public Health Muriel Scott wrote to more than 7,000 local businesses to remind them of their obligations.