Two earthquakes were reported today (22/09) near Milton Keynes in Leighton Buzzard, after 2 were reported in the last 2 weeks.

Further earthquakes were recorded at 9:30am and 1:40pm today, with the former registering 3.0 on the Richter scale and the latter one in the afternoon at 2.1.

This follows a 3.5 earthquake on September 8th and a 2.1 quake in the early hours of September 13th.

Both were measured in an area just to the north of the Bedfordshire town, which is located around 13 miles from Central Milton Keynes.

Earthquake expert Dr Matthew Blackett of Coventry University told Sky News that the Leighton Buzzard tremors were likely caused by a fracture of solid rock in “hidden fault lines”, with this seismic activity taking place several hundred metres below the surface.

He said, “What seems to have happened is that this was an initial earthquake in a hidden fault – some stress or other has caused it.

“These two subsequent events are a readjustment of the fault lines to come back to some sort of stability.

“It is quite possible that that sequence is now done, but it might be that there are still stresses there.

“If there are (further tremors), I think it will only be minor events.”