The Met Office have issued yellow thunderstorm warnings for Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas this weekend.

A warning is in place from 8pm yesterday (23/07) and in place until 10pm tonight (24/07). After that, a separate thunderstorm warning covers tomorrow (25/07), with the warning place from 9am until the end of the day.

As of 11:40am today, the times forecast as likeliest for thunderstorms include between 5pm and 9pm today.

While many areas will miss the worst of the projected weather, thunderstorms that strike may lead to some disruption and flooding in localised areas in both of the periods covered. Hazards covered include flooding of homes and businesses, power cuts, and increased difficulties driving.

Heavy rain has also been forecast, with the weather forecast to be cooler and wetter than in recent weeks.

The storms follow two weeks of sustained heat in the local area, with temperatures regularly recorded in the high 20’s in recent days.

Some areas of southern England and Wales experienced thunderstorms this morning.