Formula 1 stewards have rejected a request by Mercedes to re-review a defensive move by Max Verstappen at the Sao Paulo Grand Prix.

On first practice day ahead of this weekend’s Qatar Grand Prix, the stewards were reconvened to review a choice not to investigate or penalise Verstappen for a defensive move on Lewis Hamilton.

The incident in question came on lap 48 of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix in Brazil last weekend. Verstappen was defending the inside line while championship rival Hamilton was attempting to overtake round the outside into turn 4.

As the two approached the corner, Verstappen ran wide and off track in his Red Bull, with Hamilton’s Mercedes also forced off track. The sequence saw the two remain in sequence, with Verstappen ahead.

Hamilton would overtake Verstappen 11 laps later and powered on to win the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, which cut Verstappen’s lead in the Driver’s Championship to 14 points ahead of the final 3 rounds of the 2021 F1 season.

But Mercedes felt aggrieved, with Team Principal Toto Wolff calling the decision “laughable” in a post-race interview.

Mercedes submitted footage taken from two on-board cameras on Verstappen’s Red Bull that was not made available to the stewards in real time when the call to not investigate was originally made.

In their notes after a meeting with Red Bull and Mercedes officials on Thursday night (18/11) and overnight deliberations, the stewards stated they were happy that the footage provided by Mercedes was new information that was relevant to the case, and had not been available when the incident was originally investigated.

However, the stewards then said they did not consider the new footage significant enough to consider re-opening the case and re-reviewing the case.

The result means that the result of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix officially stands, with Verstappen retaining his second place finish and escaping any penalties either for the round at Interlagos or a grid penalty for the upcoming race in Qatar.

In the FIA notes, they said, “The Competitor’s position is that this new Footage provides sufficient information for the Stewards to come to an altogether different conclusion than they did previously. However, the Stewards determine that the Footage shows nothing exceptional that is particularly different from the other angles that were available to them at the time, or that particularly changes their decision that was based on the originally available footage.”

This is the second time an on-track incident between Hamilton and Verstappen in 2021 has been subject to a petition to review after the race, with Red Bull previously protesting Hamilton was given an insufficient penalty following a high speed crash with Verstappen on the first lap of the British Grand Prix in July. Red Bull’s request to further review the incident was rejected in a stewards meeting ahead of the following race in Hungary.