Luton Airport have confirmed they will demolish the car park that was affected by a recent fire.

The Terminal Car Park Two site was affected by a major fire on the evening of Tuesday 10th October, causing substantial damage to both the car park building and several of the cars parked in the facility.

In a further update on the situation published earlier today (03/11), a senior figure at the airport confirmed that the car park site had been deemed structurally unsafe and would need to be fully demolished.

The update by Neil Thompson, Operations Director at London Luton Airport, said that all cars on the ground floor to level 3 of the site could not be recovered ahead of demolition work beginning.

Around 100 cars are being removed from the top deck, which is an ongoing process that began a few weeks ago.

Thompson’s statement read, “I know the past few weeks since the fire have been extremely challenging and difficult for affected customers.

“Regrettably, I can now confirm, that due to the extent of the structural damage, the car park will need to be fully demolished, and any cars parked on levels ground to three are not recoverable, ahead of the demolition work. This is consistent with our initial assessment, which has now been confirmed following a full structural report.

“The process to remove around 100 vehicles from the top deck to stabilise the structure is ongoing. This has been a painstaking task and has taken longer than expected, not least because we have been hampered by periods of bad weather and strong winds. Any customer who believes their car may be one of these, and who would like further information, have been advised to contact their insurance company directly, as they and their partners have begun the process of retrieving these vehicles.

“It is reassuring to note that the vast majority of insurance claims have been settled. Customers who have yet to receive a final settlement are advised to contact their insurance company as soon as possible.

“I understand that this has been a distressing situation and we have tried to keep customers updated as best we can throughout, whilst working with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) and the Association of British Insurers to enable the claims process to be managed as quickly as possible.

“On behalf of everyone at London Luton Airport, I would like to thank all affected customers for their patience and understanding as we have worked through this unprecedented situation.”