A public art project commissioned by MK Gallery will celebrate the identity of the Claridge Park community when its residents are given the opportunity to create poetic name plaques for their homes.

Announced by Broughton and Milton Keynes Parish Council, the project in the area of Middleton will be delivered by artist Bettina Furnée, who is inviting all households to take part in the process of creating a poetic and personal house name.

Bettina Furnée’s visual art practice is rooted in notions of site, using found and original language as material. Her work ranges from text and moving image pieces to large-scale environmental projects and public art commissions. She often engages participants in the creative process by inviting language contributions.

Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic will reflect Claridge Park’s architectural ambition to project a strong sense of community.. This sense of family and friendship will play a key role in the development of the plaques.

Bettina Furnée explains, “I am very excited to be working on this new public art project ‘Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic’ with households in Claridge Park, Middleton, and MK Gallery. We hope to see many poetic house name plaques going up at Claridge Park. Houses will be given personally memorable names by (in many cases) their first owners, and collectively these plaques will celebrate and reflect the new community at Claridge Park.”

Katie Fields, Project Manager, MK Gallery comments, “We are very pleased to be working with Bettina Furnée and the residents of Claridge Park to create this unique project. MK Gallery has many strong relationships with families across the city and this project will create new and lasting connections. I can’t wait to walk through the area and see the collection of house plaques, each with their own personal poetry.”

MK Gallery is hosting an event on 17 May from 7pm, where Bettina will be speaking about her practice and the public art project taking place in Middleton. Tickets cost £3. Please visit www.mkgallery.org for further details.

If you would like more information about the Near Holme, Call Your Home Poetic public art commission, please contact Katie Fields, Project Manager at [email protected] or on 01908 558312.

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