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intu MK releases outlines for keeping shopping safe as retail re-opens

intu Milton Keynes has outlined plans to safely support the gradual reopening of non-essential retail stores at the centre. The shopping centre's … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 5 min read time
  • 45 reads

E-fit image released by police after sexual assault in MK car park

Police have released an E-fit image following a sexual assault and attempted robbery in Milton Keynes last week. The appeal relates to an incident … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 2 min read time
  • 35 reads

Police appeal after 10 people fight with weapons in Walnut Tree area of MK

Police are appealing for witnesses following an affray and weapon offences in Milton Keynes, after ten men fought with weapons. The appeal relates … Read More
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  • 3 min read time
  • 36 reads

Willen Hospice Bletchley store to be repurposed as community service

Willen Hospice has opened its Bletchley high street shop as a temporarily repurposed outlet providing a vital local community service to elderly, … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 27 reads

Silverstone hopeful 2020 F1 races can happen despite quarantine measures

Silverstone circuit remains hopeful it can host F1 events in 2020 despite the recently announced quarantine measures for arrivals to the UK. Stuart … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 5 min read time
  • 11 reads

MK Dons intend to side with majority on League One season’s fate

MK Dons Executive Director Andrew Cullen has said the club intends to side with any majority on how to proceed with the 2019/20 League One … Read More
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  • 6 min read time
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