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Chris Gregg

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Stage Review – The Addams Family (2021)

It may be January but Milton Keynes Theatre have gone full gothic with the return of The Addams Family. The classic TV show and movie … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 12 reads

Stage Review – Jack and the Beanstalk

​It's been a long two years since we were able to enjoy a Christmas pantomime but it's made a triumphant return to Milton Keynes Theatre with a … Read More
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  • 5 min read time
  • 49 reads

Stage Review – Peter Pan

Peter Pan has swooped in to The Chrysalis Theatre for their 2021 pantomime with an impressive cast and a starring role for the kids' favourite Mr … Read More
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  • 4 min read time
  • 18 reads

Stage Review – Hairspray (2021)

Hairspray has returned to Milton Keynes Theatre this week with a fresh cast but the same feelgood energy and a message which has never been more … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 9 reads

Stage Review – Heathers

Heathers the Musical, at Milton Keynes Theatre this week on its first UK tour, is absolutely not your typical high school musical.  Based on … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 3 min read time
  • 15 reads

Stage Review – Glyndebourne Tour 2021

World-renowned opera company Glyndebourne is bringing a trio of musical delights to Milton Keynes Theatre. Once again, MK has been selected as one … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 5 min read time
  • 45 reads