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Chris Gregg

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Stage Review – The Cher Show

​The Cher Show is bringing all the glamour and sass of the life of music's original diva to Milton Keynes Theatre this week. But Cher is too … Read More
  • CitiBlog
  • 5 min read time
  • 22 reads

Stage Review – Mamma Mia

A new UK tour of Mamma Mia has arrived at Milton Keynes Theatre, 22 years since the show first premiered in London in April 1999.  It's … Read More
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Stage Review – The Play That Goes Wrong (2022 tour)

Mischief Theatre’s The Play That Goes Wrong has become a long-running and Olivier award-winning hit in the West End and this week, the chaos … Read More
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Stage Review – Bat Out Of Hell

Bat Out of Hell promises to be an 'over the top theatrical spectacle like no other' and boy does it deliver! This show is loud, brash and … Read More
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Stage Review – Cluedo

Comedy murder mystery Cluedo is at Milton Keynes Theatre this week starring EastEnders and Corrie star Michelle Collins as Miss Scarlett and Daniel … Read More
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Stage Review – Northern Ballet – The Great Gatsby

​Northern Ballet’s smash hit production of The Great Gatsby is returning to the stage for a new tour this spring. Bringing the glamour and … Read More
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