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Chris Gregg

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Stage Review – Horrible Histories

Kids' favourite Horrible Histories is bringing its unique brand of education and toilet humour to Milton Keynes Theatre this week. The popular books … Read More
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Stage Review – Annie

If any musical could be described as an enduring classic, it's Annie. The show has lingered since the seventies with some of the best known show … Read More
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Stage Review – Fame The Musical

Dust off your legwarmers and be careful where you park your taxi because Fame The Musical has arrived at Milton Keynes Theatre. Fame was a cultural … Read More
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Stage Review – Thriller Live

This week, Milton Keynes Theatre is providing the stage for Thriller Live - a show which celebrates the music and performance of Michael … Read More
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Stage Review – Les Misérables

Les Misérables is the longest running musical in the West End and many people's favourite show, so its arrival at Milton Keynes Theatre has been … Read More
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Stage Review – Tom Gates Live On Stage

The bestselling kids' books about Tom Gates have come to life this week at Milton Keynes Theatre with a spectacular stage version of a brand new … Read More
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